The La Dolce Vita 90-DAY PLANNER,
the Perfect Companion for Your Fabulous Life
Stay focused, get accountable, and masterfully plan each day to reach your dreams
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Inside Of The La Dolce Vita Planner, You'll Be Guided Through the 7 Steps To Fulfilling Your Desires...
And You'll Be Held Accountable Every Step of the Way
  • Step 1: Personal Assessment- If you don't know where you are, you can't find the path to where you want to go. You'll be guided through the self-assessment in the 7 areas that make up your Sweet Life.
  • Step 2: Highest Personal Values- If you've read my book you'll know that determining your values is a crucial step in living a fabulous life. Use the unique worksheets in your planner to gain total clarity on your values.
  • Step 3: Fabulous Statement of Inspiration- The next exercise you'll discover in your planner will hold your hand as you develop a fabulous mission statement that wakes you up in the morning feeling inspired.
  • Step 4: 90-Day Action Mindmap- By the end of this exercise, you'll know exactly what you need to do for the next 90 days to accomplish your most important goals. This is the same process I've used to get myself on TV, attract my soulmate, make more money, and travel the world.
  • Step 5: Brain Neuro-links- You've heard before that rewiring your brain is the key to success. Let me show you how to create Success Neuro-links in your brain that automatically focus you and help you persevere until you reach your goals.
  • Step 6: Daily Success Rituals- You know you need success rituals you've heard it before, but which ones are important? I've distilled just 6 quick daily rituals for maximum impact and minimum time.
  • Step 7: Accountability- Stay moving towards your goals at a record pace, with frequent reviews. The planner will guide you through these check-ins to keep you accountable and on track.