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Successful Female Visionaries?

Create Your Vision, Business & Life You Love without Throwing in the Towel
IMAGINE this...

You've created your Fearless Vision and you've attracted the right people and resources  

 You're thriving in your business that is on purpose and making money doing what you love

 You've broken through your fears and limiting beliefs to step into your Fearless Vision and you feel unstoppable 

You are taking action on your goals every single day instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused

Most importantly your BIG IDEA is making an impact on the planet and every area of your life feels fulfilled.

You are not longer second-guessing yourself wondering when it's your time because it's already here.. 

I'm Heather Picken and I've been on a mission to empower female visionaries world-wide.  When I was four years old I had to wear metal braces on my legs and in 4th grade I was diagnosed with a learning disorder.   I've had many challenges in my life and one night my worst fears came true...

At 2 AM I was thrown out in the middle of the night.
My boyfriend at the time threw me out after we had an argument. I had no place to go and  had a few hundred dollars left in my bank account.  I  sat alone in the dark with my 7 pound Chihuahua, Angel surrounded by trash bags that were stuffed with my belongings.  I was forced to look at my life that night and realized  I created this mess.  I was so ashamed of being in the same situation every year struggling in the areas of money and men.

There's something that transpires when you are faced with a challenge. It will either make you or break you.  

I chose to create a new reality and a new life.

That night was a dark moment but a huge turning point for me.   I vowed I was going to break this pattern once and for all. 

Here's what happened as a result of making a decision...

I set an intention that I would somehow get through it.
I decided to make my mess my mission and I was going to empower millions of women world-wide.  

Fast forward today, I work with executives, female visionaries, and I am the founder of Fierce Femme Wines:
A Woman's Wine Inspired to Create Dialog for Change.

Additionally, I am a best-selling author of 4 books and have a top podcast called The La Dolce Vita Show: A Woman's Guide to Living a Fearless & Fabulous Life. 

Currently I have some  amazing projects in the works with Fortune 500 companies and celebrities that are 100% aligned with my  Fearless Vision.   All of this was possible because I found out that there was a proven formula for success and if you follow it your entire world will align.   
If you're looking to...

  • Create your business from your feminine power instead of forcing things and scarcity 
  • Get crystal clear on your Fearless Vision with your BIG  IDEA
  • ​ Align your business to the right clients, cash flow, and connections you need to succeed
  • ​Know the exact steps you need to take in your business everyday to make your BIG vision a reality.  
Then keep reading!

Highly successful female visionaries like Oprah,  J.K. Rowling, Sarah Blakely and many others have endured the path of failure to fortune. They've learned that failure was a necessary part to birth their BIG VISION.   

When interviewing and studying fearless female visionaries  I've discovered that there's a formula using neuroscience that taps into a female's infinite potential. 

Spanx founder Sara Blakely.
Before she became the billionaire founder of shapewear company Spanx, Sara Blakely failed a lot. She didn't make it as a standup comedian. She couldn't become a lawyer like her dad because she failed the LSAT — twice
'The Oprah Winfrey Show' became one of the highest ranking shows in American history, according to CNN, though Oprah's first boss told her she was too emotional and not right for television. In 2011, Oprah was the best-paid female in the entertainment industry, according to Forbes Magazine, and remains the richest self-made woman and only black female billionaire.
J.K. Rowling: Dealing with Failure. Before the success of the Harry Potter series, J.K. ... In this period, her depression took a dark turn, and she considered herself a complete failure. Easily the most successful author in history whose net worth is $1 Billion
“I sit here profitable, successful, by all definitions of the word. But what really, really, resonates deeply with me is that I live a fantastic life; my inner life is really intact. I live from the inside out. Everything I have, I have because I let it be fueled by who I am and what I realize my contributions to the planet could be.” 

7 things you need to succeed in creating your FEARLESS VISION
1. Your Big Idea

Before you plan out your Fearless Revenue, you'll have access to  The Fearless Female Visionary: Secrets to Success Using Neuroscience. This is designed to help you find your big idea using neuroscience and hack your brain into thinking differently.

Don't worry if you feel you haven't nailed it because I will help co-create your BIG IDEA in the Fearless incubator.
2. Two Hour Fearless Revenue Breakthrough Training 

This session is a pre-recorded video training where you can follow along  in the comfort of your own home.  You will be able to map out your entire year so that you can take your business to the next stratosphere. 

Fail to plan will cause you to fail in your business. 
 The secret to creating your BIG VISION is having a clear vision and the action steps to reach your goal. 

Get crystal clear on your Fearless Vision. You will learn how to map out your quarterly money goals, marketing action steps, daily inspired action, and mindset rituals using neuroscience.

You will also have access to the Digital Fearless Revenue Dashboard to create your focused planning.  After following the formula for this training you will have a real plan in place that you can immediately take action on. 

The  weekly Mastermind calls in the group will ensure you are taking action and breakthrough any limiting beliefs.  

You'll step into your FEMININE power and learn how to build your business with more ease and flow instead of struggling.

I charge my  elite clients a premium of $5,000 + for this session. 

Value $5000 

The best way to create your Fearless Vision is to reverse engineer it by focusing on the first 90 days.  Instead of being overwhelmed on what you need to do you'll have clarity on specific actions step allowing you to feel on fire with your BIG IDEA.

Plus, if you pay in full you'll receive one of my 90-Day
La Dolce Vita Planners which is based on the neuroscience of goal setting. 

4. Weekly LIVE accountability on ZOOM. 

"73.6% of people that get someone to hold them accountable towards their goals are more likely to achieve them." This statistic is taken from the book, The One Thing. 

It's easy to allow things to slide and then have  a set-back. I've created this program to make sure you are taking action on your Fearless Vision and feel supported every step of the way. 

Weekly accountability calls on zoom for an entire year to support you on your vision, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and ensure you take action every single week. Calls are recorded on zoom and if you can't make the calls the replays will be posted. You can even submit your questions ahead of time. Every week you will have access to me to ensure you are taking action on your Fearless Vision. 

Having weekly support is one of the most important things in this program. Whereas, other programs you might meet 
once a month or not at all I am giving you my full support to help you achieve your Fearless Vision. 

I charge $30k and more for elite clients to work with me for an entire year.

  Value $30,000
5. Private Forum-24/7 Access 

Private forum is a place to ask your questions around creating and find your BIG IDEA, support your FEARLESS VISION, mindset, money, and marketing. Getting a mentor to support you is the SECRET to your success. 

There so much bad advice out there in free groups. You need to focus on real-world and the feeling that you are 100% supported on your BIG VISION every step of the way.    

Value $10,000
6. Resource Library

Live Your La Dolce Vita Life in 30 Days Formula: 

Identify Your Personal Values

 Choosing the right goals

 Identifying Energy Drains

 Rewire your brain for success

 Breakthrough Fears and blocks

 Planning Your First 30 Day Goal 

 Meditation Activations: Attracting Prosperity

 Meditation Activation: Self Confidence 

La Dolce Vita Thought Leader:

How to cCreate a Global Business Vision

 How to Brand Your 'Fabulous' and Build a Business That Lasts

Mastering the Are of Your Value and Create High Value Offers

 Mastering the Art of Selling. If you can't sell you don't have a business. Learn how to sell $1k- $30k programs 

 Mastering your Mindset

 Thought Leader Networking. You don't go to the next level of your business hanging out with people that are not influencers. Learn how to find influencers. 

 Thought Leader Speaking Strategies: Create Compelling Talks that Generate Five Figure Days. I've worked with clients world-wide and speaking is the gateway to attract high end clients and more opportunities. 

 Mastering the Art Of Marketing. Consistency is Queen and rather do everything in marketing I show you the main components of getting your message out online and offline to attract sales and clients. 

 Thought Leader Daily Success Rituals. After researching successful people I found that there's a formula for their success and it starts with their daily practice. You will learn how to create your own success ritual that works for you. 

$10,000 Value 
7. Develop a Fearless Mindset  

You'll get it when you believe it 
Based on the concept of one of the most fearless and famous comedians, Jim Carey, who went from poverty to generating a net worth of $150 million. Learn the same technique with this activation to help guide you in breaking through your limitations and gain a new perspective on how your brain is a powerhouse for creating a super vision for your business & life!

Fearless Visioning 
Your subconscious mind doesn't know what's real and what is NOT. That's why the SECRET to your VISION is knowing how to tap into your infinite mind. This part of your mind is where you create without censoring yourself which allows you to unlock your highest potential. These are never been released visualizations that will help you to rewire your brain using neuroscience. 

Create Your Fearless Day 
 Wake up to connect and create your day with this brain changing activation that allows you to change your subconscious mind. 

These are powerful Neuro-Activations to rewire your brain and accelerate the process in connecting you to your Fearless Vision.   

Deep Sleep Visioning
Fall asleep with this brain changing activation that allows you to change your subconscious mind. 

$788 Value
Over $50K of value 
Get the support you need to create your FEARLESS VISION 
& ensure you are taking action every single week


PAY IN FULL BONUS 1: 30 Day Private Email Coaching with Heather.  LIMITED

 Accelerate your results with private email coaching for 30 days to make sure you are implementing your plan and direct access to me with any roadblocks and obstacles you may face. I only offers this with my Elite clients.
The email coaching starts either right when you sign up or the day after the planning session. If for some reason you can't make the live planning session I will send you your personalized dashboard and help you plan everything over the next 30 days.  This is worth paying in full because you'll get access to my library of anything you need to accelerate your success.   You have access to me EVERY single day to get the support you need. 

Value $2500
PAY IN FULL BONUS 2:  1 Bottle of Fierce Femme Wine (*U.S. delivery only) Your choice of
Chardonnay Vote Fierce or SuperPower Cabernet.

Have a sip of Fierce Femme wines.  One of my many biggest visions that I created by going through the exact process I will share with you in this Mastermind. 

* If we ship to most states but if we don't you'll receive an autographed copy of my latest book, The La Dolce Vita Formula 

Value $26
PAY IN FULL BONUS 3: The La Dolce Vita Formula Physical Planner

Discover The Neuroscience of Goal Setting using this 90-day planner. My proven method for tracking and measuring goals delivered right to your door step. 

Value $37
Schedule a session to see if you're ready to attract money, clients & opportunities!
Join The Fearless Female Visionary Mastermind
Bonuses when you join...
BONUS 1: Every day you'll receive a short but powerful brain hack video in your inbox for a total for 21 days. These lessons are based on neuroscience and I've designed them to be inspiring and engaging.    You'll receive 30 videos total + 4 pre-recorded trainings on how to create your Fearless Vision and a digital workbook.  The  Digital workbook to write down your Visionary Insights & Wins. Neuroscience has shown us that when we record our insights and reflections they get encoded into the brain. This is important because every time you write your insights down you are downloading into your subconscious mind which is the powerhouse for making things happen.

Value $3500

30 Powerful Brain Hacking Videos + 4 Additional
Pre-recorded Video Trainings and Digital Workbook
BONUS 2: The Money Vibe Program, 21 Days of shifting your beliefs specifically around money.  This program is specifically designed to let go of stress, worry and doubt around money.  Clients have reported attracting high end clients within days of using the system, finding money to pay medical bills, and weird sources of unexpected money.   

Value $297
BONUS: Money Vibe Program 
BONUS 3:  Heather's latest Bestselling book, The La Dolce Vita Formula: A Woman's Guide to a Fearless & Fabulous Life, digital copy.   

Value $20
BONUS 2: The La Dolce Vita Formula
The decision is now. Let's chat!
 Frequently Asked Questions

When are the calls?
The first Wednesday of every month at 9am PST we will have an am call. The three other calls during the month will also be on Wednesday but at 2pm PST.  I try to accommodate all time zones to have a time difference. Plus if you can't make the calls you can either tag me on the private Facebook group or there's a specific form to fill out before each call that you can also fill out as well.  

When does this program start?
Right now, and you can dive into the Fearless Revenue Breakthrough Virtual Retreat Training.  This is a two hour pre-recorded session to map your vision, revenues, and action steps out. This is where you can strategize like a CEO.   After you've went through this training the weekly Mastermind calls will help support you to take action. 

What if I am confused about my vision can this program help me?
Absolutely! My genius zone is helping you to figure out your unique formula that you can put out there in the world.   Remember it's not about following everyone else, rather having a unique product or service that will set you apart from everyone else.  My process works so be patient.  I will share one simple brain hack that helped me to birth my BIG IDEA with Fierce Femme wines and my multiple streams of income.

I've been stuck for so long in my business can this program help?
Yes, I am trained in neuroscience to help you shift the subconscious programs that have been holding you back from playing full out not only in your business but any area of your life.  That's why other programs have failed you because they only teach you marketing.  I've created a program to help ensure that you  take action and breakthrough your limiting beliefs as long as you follow the steps.   I will show you how you don't need will-power and how you can literally rewire your brain for success. 

I've yet to make $100k will this program help me?
The sky is the limit and this depends on the following factors: Getting clear on your vision (this includes your product, service, pricing and how you will get it out there, mastering sales and speaking), breaking through beliefs around your vision, and taking daily inspired action.  I've worked with clients that have 6 & 7 figure businesses and those that are wildly successful create success. Start focusing you on your success and your business will take off like a rocket ship!

What is the level of women that will be in this program and how many?
Most of the women joining either have a business or have somewhat of an idea.  Since this program is so unique I coach people where they are at.  I am limiting it to a smaller group of women.   It's important that I have the bandwidth to help everyone before I add more women to this group throughout the year.  If you're concerned that you might not get your questions answered from either the weekly or private forum posts, don't worry because I have high standards in which I coach and no person will feel left out. The only way this could ever happen is if you fail to do nothing. 

Will this work for any business? What if I am not a coach or consultant?
Yes, what I teach is the foundation of any visionary that has a business or sells something. I've worked with many different industries from Realtors, Financial Industries including advisors and mortgage lenders, sales people, tech start ups,  and brick & mortar businesses  You must first get clear on your BIG vision, breakthrough your fear, and take daily inspired action. My clients that are generating multiple six figures and beyond are focused on these key fundamental strategies.  Success starts in your mind first so you must learn to stop chasing shiny objects and learn how to create the foundation in your mind.

Can I cancel at anytime? 
No, this is for 12 weeks and if you want to continue after the 12 weeks you can pay a reoccurring monthly fee. You are still liable for the investment even if you don't do anything with it, however I don't think you're a match if you don't value taking the time to get the support and take action. If at the end of the year you don't want to renew you can send an email to support@heatherpicken.com and you won't incur any future charges. No games here, as I only want dedicated female visionaries I can help.  If you are on the fence I will have a no-strings call with you to see if you are a fit for the Mastermind. Personally, I don't want anyone in this program that doesn't want to be successful and have amazing support. You either want it or not and that's why not everyone is an entrepreneur.  I am dedicating 100% energy to your success so that means you have to do the work too.  

Can this program help me with pricing for high end clients?
Absolutely!  If you're looking to price your programs or consultant services for $30k and beyond I have real-world experience in helping you. 
I have a specific neuroscience strategy that will show you how to raise your value in your mind first so that you get the sale.  Charging what your worth is a subconscious program that deals with how you internalized your own value.  It doesn't matter what the market is dictating. 
The mastermind also has a training around how to sell your high end program and it works in any industry.  You must understand the psychology of sales and you don't have to have a PHD to master the are of your sales conversations. The process is fun and connected and my style has nothing to do with pushing people and everything to do with understanding human behavior.  Realize you are here to create transformation for people no matter what product or service you offer. That being said, you need to value yourself enough so you get paid. 

What if I don't have a business, can this program help me?
Yes, if you are on fire and an action taker you can follow the step-by-step process on how to get clear on your vision and then plan your first 30 day goal to get started.  You get out what you put into anything.  I will personally guide you in the group to make sure you get the help you need to succeed.   If you're a coach or a consultant this program will help you to determine your packing and pricing in the member's training along with the LIVE calls and forum support.

I am introvert and not sure if I would do well in a group
How do you expect to be a fearless female visionary if you don't breakthrough the label you are putting on yourself?  If you want to be fearless in business and life you must breakthrough this and I will show you how.  I will also push you in a good way so you can own your true power and potential. Remember, nothing happens inside of your comfort zone. 

What if I have already made $100k or more will this program work for me?
I recommend if you're looking to go to multiple-six figures or beyond that you work with me privately in at least a VIP DAY or my 3 month fast track Fearless Female Visionary private mentoring program so that I can lay out a specific plan for you.  I find once you get momentum it's easier to implement and you can also join the group to make sure you are implementing everything we mapped out together.  Please contact me support@heatherpicken.com for details.   

What if I can't make the live mastermind calls?
Everything is recorded and you can even get support on our private mastermind forum.  You get what you put in. You can show up live and get support or watch the replay and then post your questions directly to the forum. 

Can I really get results? I've taken other Mastermind programs before and they've failed me. 
When people say this they either didn't apply everything that was taught or the person leading the course didn't understand neuroscience of creating success.  I can quickly identify what's blocking you and give you a specific exercise to do.  If you're watching to work with a mentor that is ON FIRE and will get you results, that's me. Most entrepreneurs just want to sell you something to get you in and then don't support you.  Don't let your past hold you back from creating success today.  I can even help you dissolve any negative issues you still have around investing in other programs.  Anything that runs your mind will ruin your business so let me show you how to take back your power. 

Will you teach marketing?
I am going against more traditional programs. Since I understand how neuroscience works with creating your success I will only focus on key marketing strategies that I know work and my main focus is showing you how to think like a VISIONARY.   Not one size fits all and that's the problem with today's marketers.  They sell you that their marketing concept of becoming an Amazon Bestseller, writing a blog, or creating a podcast is the only way to go. That couldn't be further from the truth because it depends where you are at right now in your business and what you are promoting.  I give you the same advice I would give my CEO clients and it's very simple and strategic.    I am more of a strategic planner when it comes to helping my clients succeed.    You will learn how to create the right strategy to attract high paying clients online and offline.   

You need to create a formula that works for you and stop jumping on the shiny bandwagon of marketing.   As technology advances so will the marketing strategies. Since being online for over 15 years the same marketing basics apply.  Yes, there have been new platforms created but where entrepreneurs fail is being consistent.   Joining this Mastermind I will show you how to align your message with your vision and take the right action. 

Can I email you with my questions during the program?
Unless you do the PAY IN FULL bonus in which you get 30 days of email coaching with me you will not have access to my private email.  If you want to switch to private coaching at anytime let me know by emailing support@heatherpicken.com

Is there a money back guarantee?
No, I've thought a lot about this for quite some time and because you get access to my entire library of resources that I know are worth more than the price alone of the investment I've decided to detour people that are skeptics. That being said,  I only want to work with success-minded female visionaries.   You will not find another program like this and for this investment anywhere.   

If you have any more questions about the program in general please email support@heatherpicken.com with the subject line MASTERMIND or book a private call at www.SessionwithHeather.com. This call is a no obligation or no strings attached session. I will honestly let you know if you're a good fit for the program and if not I will make sure you leave the call with some next steps. 

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